We know there are more questions encircling your mind. So we have put together Frequently Asked Questions for your better understanding. Browse through to get the answers. If you still have other questions, shoot them through mail/chat/call. We are happy to assist you!


Will my business idea remain confidential?

Tedroox respects the client's privacy and the importance of guarding the original ideas. We sign the Non-disclosure agreement before any service. So, your idea will remain safe with us.

Does Tedroox work with individuals?

Of course! We offer personal branding services too. Whether you run a blog or want to set up your website and get started with marketing services, we are in.

How to get started with any service of Tedroox Technologies?

If you are interested in Tedroox helping you with your business, you can reach us here
1.Call us at +91 9538883336
2.Chat with us through website
3.Mail us at info@tedroox.com.
If you like to meet us in person, we would be happy to host in our RT Nagar office at Bengaluru. Let’s discuss your business over a coffee!

Does Tedroox work with International customers?

Totally! We cater to global customers pertaining to their digital needs. Whatever country you may belong to, we have the ability to tailor the services that perfectly suit your geographic region and local laws.

What are the acceptable payment modes for Tedroox?

We accept payment in cash, cheque, and digital transfer.

Who would be the point of contact during the process?

Your point of contact will be Business Analyst. He/She will give you constant updates and will receive all your queries. The POC will be the mediator in reaching your queries to the team and vice versa