Perfecting the art of building brands with innovation!

Tedroox Technologies is the dream inception of our founder Mr. Vikash Bharati. In 2015, the company marked its momentous beginning in the Entrepreneurial hub of India, Bengaluru. We turn business into beautiful brands by offering top-notch Websites, Mobile apps, Design, and Digital marketing services.

Team Tedroox is a close-knit team of passionate people working on big ideas and delivering path-breaking digital products and services. Our innovation is not just limited to metaphors but also mirrors in real projects. We don't treat our business relations as one-and-done commitments. Rather we foster a humanized business relation that cares for other brand’s growth like its own.



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Mr. Vikas Bharati

Founder & CEO

Highly witty, earnestly a speaker, completely humane, rarely cross, perfectly an Entrepreneur, and currently heading Tedroox Technologies in Top-class execution.
Man of class and compassion
Our Founder is a bonafide human being and a smart Entrepreneur. He started off his business venture with PlanEdu in 2008. With immense interest in changing people’s lives, he played a crucial role in guiding countless students in choosing their careers.
In 2015, he began another journey with Tedroox Technologies which aimed at creating digital products that stand out and establishing a humanized business format that cherishes each client relationship. He stands with us in all situations and guides us like a leader and a friend.


6 Years 2015
Begun as a Digital Marketing lab
3 Years 2018
Broadened the services & renamed as ‘Tedroox Technologies’.
Giving new syntax for digital innovation and on a mission to do so.


Work, fun, and everything nice

When we work, there is no other world except the workspace.
When we enjoy, all the world is here except the workspace.
Workshops & Brainstorming
We allot some ‘Together times’ to collaborate, learn, and share tech stuff.
Caffeine Convos
When we sip over coffee, we discuss world happenings ( or just Bollywood grapevine)
Team Outings
We know all the ‘finger-licking good’ restaurants in Bengaluru. Hang out with us sometime!
Off and on, Team Tedroox head out and paint the town red.