Jazz up your brand with spellbinding designs

A flash of one stunning graphic is enough to make a permanent stay in your customer’s minds. Designs do the smart work and it defines your brand. Tedroox has the best design team that empathizes with the users, discovers the cracks and slips, finds path-breaking solutions and works like a trojan to arrive at the engrossing designs.

Every gradient and graphic is created with laser-sharp accuracy and each pixel would radiate creativity. We have designed the best user experience websites and animations that redefined and renewed Business experiences.

Take a look at our offerings

Graphic design

Your design needs for social media posters, ads, brochures, presentations, and such are fulfilled by our design mavens.


Animations are all the buzz. To go along with this sizzling trend, we provide you interactive and immersive videos that hold the attention of the viewers.

UI/UX Web Design

Our Designing Virtuosos innovate every dimension of designing with creative brilliance. From minimalistic to complex designs, we do them all.Get ready to go agape!

Mobile App UI/UX

Android app UI, Mobile dashboard UI, Android dashboard design, Mobile UX design, Android studio UI design - Name one and our best UI UX designers present it with stunning visuals!

Hybrid UI/UX

With multi-platform knowledge, our design geeks bring out the result-driving designs for Hybrid App Development.

UI/UX design process

To begin with, we are all ears to your company’s business, target audience, and your expectations of the product. Upon knowing the whole thing, we formulate the project planning.


We do various UX research methods like Card Sorting, Usability introspection, Expert Reviews, Eye Tracking, Benchmarking, Parallel Design methodology, Competitor research, Journey mapping, and much more to gain insights and finally establish the work-flow.

UX Research

The progress of work-flows to mock flow wireframes and UI prototypes happens in this stage. Also, this is where UI takes shape.

Wireframes and Prototype

The main design-doing occurs in this stage. Designers craft every shape, button, element colors, typography, and other UI elements. Finally, the startling design takes birth.

UX Design

We rely on our rigorous testing to provide a user experience that cannot be reported uneasy. User testing, Beta launch, and Internal testing are done to improve and arrive at the efficacy.

Testing & Trial

Upon finishing the deliverables, we deliver the design and also generate a report that encompasses the information on UX research, use-cases, workflows, and design details for the client’s reference.