Own futuristic apps that take customers to the heart of your business.

The world sashayed into the mobile way. Phones became smart with Apps. And your business should get smart with an App. Mobile Apps are Makers and Markers of growth. Get one for your Business!

Tedroox Technologies is the Top mobile app development company in Bangalore. We are Software Ninjas who are agile, incisive, and innovative enough to bring off a perfect app. We meticulously create every screen, button, and animation so that the App is a perfect blend of elegance and responsiveness.

Take a look at our offerings

Android Mobile App

Be it a simple app or a snazziest one, we grasp your visuals. We make note of the requirements, goals, and target audience. Being a world-class Android development company, our divergent thinkers intricately create every aspect of the app so that the outcome is an intuitive and user-friendly app!

Hybrid Mobile App

Hybrid Apps give the best of the two world experience and we are no less versatile in that niche! We have mastered PhoneGap, Cordova, and Ionic frameworks. With the uber-talented designers and developers, it is easy to produce uber-creative and super-functional hybrid apps.

E-Commerce App

E-Commerce app development is all about usability. Many aspects of the website must be efficient in functioning as people interact on a daily basis. Customers shouldn’t frown at delayed screens and their unresponsiveness. It is those few seconds of effectiveness that garner the audience and boost up the sales.


As a full-end augmented and virtual reality service provider, we don’t want our clients to miss out on the latest technologies just because of dimes! Hand on heart, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Apps are not gonna burn a hole in your pocket. Yes! This sizzling trend App is offered at a Budget-friendly rate at Tedroox.

How does it works?

We do UX research and chart out the design strategy. We design the layout using a wireframe. It is followed by the final UI through a prototype. Upon your approval, we hop onto the next stage.


Mobile app creation takes shape in this stage. All the hard coding gets done here to make the app look light and seamless. All the scroll, movement, buttons, color, style, font, and functionalities come to life.

Development Phase

We create unique content especially for your site. The crisp and perfect content will voice your brand online and it will be screened with the right typography that suits your brand’s design.


Quality analysis is vital for any Mobile application. Our experts check for the website’s interactivity and functionality. Each section of the application is put under analysis and we remove all the bugs. Finally, the flawless and cutting-edge Mobile App awaits you.


Voila! The stunning App which runs flawlessly on both web & mobile is ready to launch.